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Energy Vault EV1 Tower

First Generation Product Design

EV1 - Storing and Dispatching Energy On-Demand

Energy Vault’s EV1 tower stores energy by lifting mobile masses into a tower where potential energy is stored in the elevation gain. The mobile masses are then returned to the ground and the kinetic energy generated from the controlled decline of the weight is turned back into electricity and dispatched to the grid.

Operating Parameters

  • Specially engineered control software ensures the bricks are placed in exactly the right location each time
  • Modular and flexible with plant capability ranges of 20-35-80 MWh storage capacity and a 4-8MW of continuous power discharge for 8-16 hours
  • Ideally suited to long duration storage with very fast response times, The system may also be used to deliver short and medium-term ancillary services

Design & Construction

Energy Vault’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its flexibility to use industrial waste materials, including materials diverted from landfills, repurposed into an energy storage solution that accelerates the shift to a world fully powered by renewables.

  • Simple and safe construction
  • Easy to install foundation pad
  • Self-constructing crane
  • Brick materials delivered & constructed on-site
  • High scalability – localized deployment model

Disruptive Economics

When combined with low-cost wind and PV solar, Energy Vault’s storage achieves an unprecedented levelized cost of energy delivered (LCOED) based on delivering consistent, full depth-of-discharge energy storage that does not degrade over the lifespan of the project.
Economic variables include:

  • Plant Capacity requirements
  • Existing Infrastructure
  • Utilization of Waste Materials