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EVx Product Architecture

Energy Vault is proud to announce the new standard in gravity energy storage.

EVx Features

A new evolution in Gravity Energy Storage.


Energy Vault’s gravity-based energy storage systems offer a lower levelized cost than any current technology available with respect to capital expense, operating/maintenance expense, & end-of-life.


No topographic geologic restrictions, built to meet international building standards with local supply chain and employment sourcing to eliminate production bottlenecks.


Modular solution is economically viable for both short (2-4 hours) and long (4-12+ hours) durations. Resilient to harsh conditions & high ambient operating temperatures with no chemical fire risk.


Uniquely capable of utilizing waste materials (i.e. coal ash, mine tailings, fiberglass) to manufacture mobile masses, creating circular economic value and further reducing cost for customers.

No Degradation

No system augmentations required & no performance reduction over time; mechanical components & mobile masses fundamentally cannot degrade.