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EVx Product Architecture

Energy Vault is proud to announce the new standard in gravity energy storage.

Energy Vault Resiliency Center TM

Powered by EVx


The EVx platform is a natural evolution of the company’s proven technology, leveraging all current performance attributes of zero degradation of the storage medium (no need for costly augmentation), 85% round-trip efficiency, 35 years technical life, no risk of fire, no critical end of life disposal material, and a local, sustainable supply chain for the manufacturing of the mobile masses (made of locally sourced soil).


EVx introduces a modular architecture that scale to multi-GWh storage capacity. The new EVx product platform that has a form factor of a 30 story building, is in compliance with the international building code for seismic and wind exposure, has decoupled energy and power (flexible from high power/shorter duration needs, 2-6 hours, to longer duration storage applications, 6-12+ hours) and is built with large volume of recycled material.

Sustainable Design

Importantly, the new EVx platform is 40% shorter in height than the previous tower product and utilizes the same technology to move the mobile masses. These mobile masses, or composite blocks can be made from remunerated waste material  for beneficial re-use, such as coal combustion residuals, fiberglass from de-commissioned wind turbine blades and waste tailings from mining processes.

Powered by EVx

The result is unprecedented economics that are significantly lower than any other energy storage technology on a Levelized Cost of Storage basis. The EVx platform is the building block of the Energy Vault Resiliency CenterTM, the GWh scale product line that specifically addresses the need for grid resiliency to manage critical event like wildfire or extreme weather events.