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The Problem

At the forefront of technological innovation, there is a limit to the amount of electricity that can be delivered to the grid from intermittent renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy is now widely affordable. However, production unpredictability and intermittency from reliance on factors such as wind and sunlight mean that renewables have not been able to fully replace fossil fuel generation.

Until now that is.

Our Solution

Our breakthrough technology was inspired by pumped hydro plants that rely on gravity and the movement of water to generate power.

The Energy Vault solution utilises the same fundamentals of physics and kinetic energy as pumped hydro but replaces the water with custom made cylindrical blocks utilising an extremely innovative use of low-cost materials.

These low-cost blocks, combined with our patented system design and some very clever control software, has allowed us to deliver all the benefits of a pumped hydro system but at a much lower price, starting size and without the need for hard to find topography.

Proven Technology:
Deploys with simple physics, known science

Safe Construction and Operation:
Utilizes waste debris/ concrete materials; simple and safe construction, operation

Disruptive Economics:
Cost/kWh < 50% of current competitor solutions; 100% software-
automated operation with minimal OpEx

Unmatched Performance:
30+ year life with ‘zero ’ loss/degradation; ~90% round trip efficiency; rapid on demand and discharge

Maximum Flexibility:
Modular 10-35MWh+ capacity, 2-5MW of
power output, suitable to most industrial and non-suburban locations.